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Server side scripting and Database

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How transparent DB differs from file system

  1. File system is a method of organising the files with a hard disk or other medium of storage. File system arranges the files and helps in retrieving the files, when required. It is compatible with different file types, such as mp3, doc, txt, mp4,etc and these are also grouped into directories. It also influences the method of writing and reading data to the hard disk.

    Examples are NTFS or the New Technology File System and EXT, the Extended File System

    Meanwhile, DB is the acronym for Database Management System. It is also a software used to store and regain user’s data, while also maintaining the required security measures. This includes a group of programmes that can help to manipulate the database. In bigger systems, DBMS helps the users as well as third party software to store and recover the data.

    Examples are MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle.


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