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Question on cloud computing

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What are the security aspects provided with cloud?

  1. there are several levels of security aspects provided with Cloud. Some of these are as follows:

    Identity Management – This provides authority to the application service or hardware component utilized by users.

    Authorization and Authentication – This allows only authenticated, authorized users to access and manage applications and data.

    Access Control – This gives users the permission to control the access of other users that are entering the cloud environment.

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  2. The foremost advantage is that a major portion of security is taken care of by the cloud provider.

    This includes the physical security of data center premises, security of hardware, and security of ‘infrastructure’ part of the software, such as OS, Databases, etc., and network perimeter security.

    However, the security of data and applications and other software that we host on the cloud is still the responsibility of ours.

    Here are some tips that will help you to make the cloud experience risk-free:

    1. Physical security of server – Who has to access and their logs, what they did etc
    2. Firewall, Antivirus. Build the DMZ mechanism to protect the data in the server
    3. Regular backups with Business continuity plans (BCP)
    4. Load Balancing features in case the data load is heavy
    5. Security built at Application Layers
    6. Data encryption logic in the application for sensitive data.
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  3. Yes there are various levels of controls and layers of security built in modern Cloud ecosystems. Depending on the levels of security required by an enterprise, a cloud architect group will develop a threat modelling framework.

    Most of the security features required are available built-in matured cloud offerings such as Azure, Amazon and GCP.

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  4. The Security Aspects of Cloud architecture is to have Security Center and IAM Enabled.

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